Prismic Dance" 60x48in



                                                                                                    "Abyss" 36x36 in oil



                                                                                                 " Canyon Morning" 12x9 in oil



                                                                                              " Canyon Expanse" 48x48in oil



                                                                                         " Sunset at a Distance" 18x24 in oil



                                                                                                 Early snow" 20x20" oil



                            Stillness 60 by 48" oil

                                                                                               Quiet Lake" 20x20in oil


                                          Lone Golden Cottonwood 14x11" oil





                                         Green Pastures near El Rito 24x24" oil



                                      October Wash 16x12"oil



                                         Breathing the Day 36x48"oil



                                        Spring Enchantment 48x36" oil



                                         Solitary Winter 36x36 oil



                                    Crisp Winter Morning 20x20" oil



                                      Last Light on the Hills 48x48" oil






                                           Dance 20x20" oil

                                           Passage 36x48" oil

                                Passage into  the hills 48x36" oil

                                  Warm Reflections 36x48" oil

                                Reflections Pondered 40x30" oil

                          Shadows and Peacful Energy 30x40" oil

Sleepy Waters

 Sleepy Waters 30x40 Oil on canvas


Evening Reflective Waters 24x36 oil on canvas 


Reflected Sky 16x20" oil on canvas 


 Sunlight on Snow 11x14" oil on canvas


Red Cliff 24x30 oil on canvas 



Rio Grande Autumn 11x14 oil on canvas 



Rain and Blue Mountain 16x20 oil on canvas 




Evening Along the River 11x14 oil on canvas 



Chama Reflections 16x20 oil on canvas 



Cyote Tracks 24x30 oil on canvas 



 Foot Prints in the Snow 16x20 oil on canvas



Fresh Snow 16x20 oil on canvas 









Near Ojo Caliente 11x14 oil on canvas 






Mesas near Ojo Caliente 24x30 oil on canvas 







 Red Arroyo and Blue mountains 9x12 oil on board


 11x14 oil on board 



Morning Wash 9x12 oil on board 



Chama River 16x20 oil on board 



 Rainy Season 11x14 oil on board